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Children with Special Needs

A healthy newborn’s brain does what it is designed to do—create order from the disorder or make sense out of the nonsense. She is in charge of her learning and only she can do the learning. And through a series of random, spontaneous actions she learns how to relate to her world and her ever-present teacher—gravity. She moves from stage to stage only when she has developed the skills to relate to gravity in that position.

When a newborn or child has a condition such as cerebral palsy, autism, or a genetic disorder, his brain still has to make order out of its disorder. However, well-intended therapists often focus on a child’s limitations and try to get him to do what he should be doing based on his developmental stage or age. A child in this situation is learning what it is he cannot do. It can be a very frustrating experience.
With the Anat Baniel Method SM (ABM), a child is never forced or placed into a position. The method does not rely on adaptive or mechanical devices. Rather than focus on the limitations and try to directly fix the problem on a muscular, skeletal, or joint level, ABM calls upon the center of all learning—the brain.

Through gentle movement and touch, the brain is engaged and learning occurs. As such, learning is organic and lasting instead of reliant upon adaptive or mechanical devices. The method allows children to achieve their fullest potential rather than impose on their neurological system something it has not yet learned.

Some of the many conditions that can be helped with the Anat Baniel MethodSM include:

• Cerebral palsy
• Autism
• Genetic Disorders
• Developmental Delays
• ADD and Learning Disabilities
• Scoliosis

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