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Amy & Carl Geib - Anat Baniel Method Children's Practicioners
Kalamazoo, Michigan


Anti-Aging and Vitality

• Overcome back, neck, shoulder, hip, & knee pain
• Restore freedom of movement and thought
• Achieve lifetime fitness and vitality

As people age, they often experience a loss of flexibility, balance, and strength, which can result in aches, pains and restricted movements. Senses and thoughts can feel dulled or foggy. People find they become “stuck in their ways.”

Through the use of the Anat Baniel Method SM the brain is awakened to new possibilities. Movement and thought become easier and clearer. Overall well-being improves. People find they lead healthier and happier lives.

Anat has written her first book Move Into Life, which is a great resource for those looking to regain their vitality.


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