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Amy & Carl Geib - Anat Baniel Method Children's Practicioners
Kalamazoo, Michigan


Welcome to Geib Movement and Wellness

We are Anat Baniel Method SM (ABM) children's practitioners working in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. We are committed to helping children and adults of all ages improve their overall well being. Through this work, we can help create new pathways in the brain and new possibilities at any age.

• Improve the life of a child with special needs
• Reduce back, neck, shoulder and joint pain
• Increase strength, flexibility, energy and stamina
• Relieve repetitive stress injury or chronic overuse symptoms
• Enhance mental clarity, concentration and creativity
•Upgrade your athletic, musical, dancing, or performance skills

ABM work is used in two ways—in a private lesson whereby we guide you through gentle touch, or in a group setting where we lead the group through a series of small movements. In both cases, the movements give information to the brain and facilitate learning.


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